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Category Archives: Child Care

Breakfast: Preparing Your Child for School

Before you send your little one off to a preschool in Lanham, MD, it is vital to provide them with a good breakfast. This meal is usually the largest and most important out of our meals, especially for children. Here are some of the reasons why breakfast is so important: Concentration: Having a full belly … Continue reading

6 Benefits of Reading Out Loud to Your Little One

One way to keep your little one entertained is by reading them their favorite stories, rhymes, and poems. But did you know that reading to your child brings more than just entertainment? A long line of studies reveals that reading to your tot contributes significantly to their development. One Step Up Early Child Care LLC … Continue reading

What You Should Know About Emotional Development

As a provider of early childhood education, we value all forms of learning. One of the many ways we are able to help your children at our preschool in Lanham, MD is through emotional development. This is a crucial part of your child’s growth and it can help them succeed and reach their potential as … Continue reading

The Importance of Early Childhood Education

Early education is something that is not required for your child to succeed in school and life, but it can really help give them a huge step-up! One Step Up Early Child Care LLC is a daycare in Maryland that also offers exceptional preschool services. If you want to ensure that your child is prepared … Continue reading

5 Ways to Nurture Your Child’s Creativity

Creativity is something we have in common, but at the same time, creativity works differently from one person to another. You might hear people say that this person is more creative compared to that person, but actually, the measure most people use in determining the said creativity is their uniqueness. Uniqueness makes an individual’s work … Continue reading