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3 Hobbies to Introduce to Your Children


Early childhood is the time for children to learn and discover new things. It is an age where we can help them find out new activities and hobbies. It is also the perfect time to encourage and nurture these newfound talents and skills.

Exposing your children to different and simple activities can be a bit hard to do at first. So here are three simple activities you can show and do with your kids at home or anywhere:

  • Drawing

    At an early age, children really like to draw and paint things. Whether it’s writing on walls, tables, or any surface, kids really like to draw and scribble down anything they can think of.

    Rather than discouraging your children from drawing on the walls, teach them to only draw on paper. You can even draw with them too.

    Encouraging them to draw is a key to making them future artist. After all, art is a way of self-expression.

  • Reading

    Reading is one way of showing your kids that books are interesting things. With it, you can help them improve their reading and literature skills, and it allows them to have an outlet for their imaginations.

    Even as simple as reading bedtime stories or telling them stories can help pique their interest and make them want to pick up a book and start reading. Teaching them how to read can get difficult. Start reading to your kids and slowly begin to let them read with you, and eventually let them read by themselves. That way, they are also able to see their progress.

  • Sports

    Doing physical activities such as running and jumping around is something kids really want to do. Having them perform an activity using these movements are ways of introducing them to different sporting games like basketball, soccer, and the like.

    Not only do they keep your children happy and active, it also helps them develop as a person since they’ll learn about sportsmanship and companionship with the friends they’ll meet along the way.

    Being a supportive parent is really important too since there’ll be times when they feel down because they might’ve lost the game. If that happens, you should always be there to comfort them and tell them they did a good job. Encourage them to get back up and rise to the challenge.

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