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What Can You Expect from Child Care?

One Step Up Early Child Care LLC is a Daycare in Maryland that is dedicated to providing the services your children need in order to excel in everything they do. It is important for us to make sure that your little ones are provided the opportunities they need to reach their potential. We do this … Continue reading

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3 Hobbies to Introduce to Your Children

Early childhood is the time for children to learn and discover new things. It is an age where we can help them find out new activities and hobbies. It is also the perfect time to encourage and nurture these newfound talents and skills. Exposing your children to different and simple activities can be a bit … Continue reading

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5 Tips On How to Be a Supportive Parent

Children are always looking and trying something new when doing the things they like. As parents, we are always proud of the achievements our children get from their hobbies such as sports, drawing, singing, and dancing. Seeing them being able to shine from doing the things they love is a heart fluttering experience. However, the … Continue reading

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The Importance of Exercise for Children

Obesity is a serious problem for children these days and it is affecting many kids across the world. Obesity or simply being overweight can lead to many health problems including diabetes. If you want to ensure that your children are able to remain healthy, then it is important to help them lose weight. This means … Continue reading

Does Your Child Need to Go to Preschool?

Preschool is something that is not required for the initial educational experience of your children, but it is something that can help give your kids a step up. Our preschool in Lanham, MD is committed to providing your children with the early education they deserve. This education is not advanced or groundbreaking but it does … Continue reading

How To: Dealing With First School Day Blues

Preschool can be both an exciting and terrifying thing. As parents, we look forward to sending our kids to school and letting them find new friends. For our children’s part, they are excited at the thought of going to school and finally learning something. What they dread is the fact that they will not be … Continue reading

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