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6 Ways You Can Tame Your Tot’s Temper Tantrums

6 Ways You Can Tame Your Tot's Temper Tantrums
Sudden and strong—that is how we can describe a child’s temper tantrums. It can range from whining and crying to screaming, hitting, and throwing things. This makes parents ask, “Is it normal?”

Temper tantrums are a normal part of a child’s development. It is common for boys and girls from ages one to three. Tots throw temper tantrums to express their frustration. It can be out of hunger, fatigue, or discomfort. Most of the times, it can be due to not having what they want.

One Step Up Early Child Care LLC, a daycare in Maryland, provides some ways you can do to tame your tot’s temper tantrums.

    When your little one screams, do not retaliate by screaming back. You may think that it will make them afraid of you. The truth is that it will not. When they are having a fit, they no longer have control over their emotions. Your anger will not matter to them. Sometimes, they will push your buttons. If you raise your voice, your child will just end up matching or exceeding the volume of your voice.
    Oftentimes, the best thing you can do is to give your tot some space. Unless they are physically harming themselves or other people, just ignore them. Leave them alone for a few minutes. However, do not forget to check up on them.
    Catch your child’s attention to other things. Get them engaged in something fun so that they forget about what is causing their tantrums. For instance, you can play their favorite tune or you can let them watch their favorite movie.
    Do you spank your little one when they throw a tantrum? We hope not. Spanking them will not do any good. As mentioned earlier, when children throw a fit, they are no longer thinking properly. Whatever you say and do will not matter to them. In fact, spanking them might just lead to the development of aggressive behaviors.
    Children throw a fit because they struggle with their emotions. Talk to your tot regularly about emotions. Every now and then, encourage them to name the feeling they are experiencing and what caused it. Example, your child is acting grumpy and is throwing away toys. Ask them, “Why did you throw that toy? Are you angry because mommy is busy talking on the phone?”
    Your tot may be having a temper tantrum because you are giving them less attention. This can make your child feel unsecured. Let them know how much you love them by giving them hugs and kisses.

How do you calm your little rascal’s temper tantrums? You can help other parents by sharing us your thoughts.

One Step Up Early Child Care LLC is a preschool in Lanham, MD. We offer an assortment of excellent early childhood education programs appropriate for children of all ages.

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