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How To: Dealing With First School Day Blues


Preschool can be both an exciting and terrifying thing. As parents, we look forward to sending our kids to school and letting them find new friends. For our children’s part, they are excited at the thought of going to school and finally learning something. What they dread is the fact that they will not be seeing their parents around the corner.

Few parents have to deal with their child’s tantrums while some have to cancel their first day because their kid will not just stop from crying. This may be part of the process but there are several ways on how we can bring our children to school smoothly.

At One Step Up Early Child Care LLC, a Daycare in Maryland, we aim to promote a child-friendly environment for all. We want to make all our kids experience as if they are just at home. With our friendly staff and teachers, surely there is no way your kids will be too scared to learn. But just to make sure, you can do these simple tips to help prepare your little learners on their first day of school.

  • Start having routines

    What makes preschool scary for most toddlers is that it leaves your children to do things on their own. From opening their snack wrappers to going to the CR, they need to do it by themselves. But it is in these mundane tasks, that we are training them to be independent especially in looking out for themselves.

    To foster potty training and even eating alone, you have to start training them at home. Perhaps, you can teach them how to use the toilet and how to throw the wipes properly in the trash bin. Teaching them how to use the utensils is also a good start. When they are already capable of doing these things, they will not feel intimidated going to school on their own.

  • Get to know everyone
    Upon enrollment, we get the chance to meet the teachers of your kids and introduce them to each other. It would also be best that by the time school starts, we reintroduce them to the teacher so they will know someone. Oftentimes, your kids will not let you go out of sight because they do not know anybody in the place. Knowing the teacher helps a lot in these situations.
  • Ease the separation anxiety

    The best way to do away with separation anxiety is to give them some pep talks. Preparing your children for what is to come and the things that will happen in school can give them an idea of what to expect. If they know what is going to happen, they will not feel as scared as when they are clueless about everything.

    As parents, it would be very effective if you talk to your child and encourage them to make friends and have fun in school. This makes them feel excited for this new chapter in their lives.

Preschool is a fun place to be in! Know how to deal with your young learners and you will really see good results. It all needs some good talking and a good school to make them feel comfortable.

If you are looking for a child-friendly Preschool in Lanham, MD, One Step Up Early Child Care LLC is the perfect choice! For queries, you can contact us at 301-459-8296 or visit our website at www.onestepupearlychildcare.com!

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