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Types of Preschool Learners (Part 1)

Types of Preschool Learners (Part 1)

Let us face it – parents are always looking into their child’s needs. Once our little ones turn 5, we all know that we need to send them to kindergarten as required by the law. But giving our child what he or she needs is not the only thing that occupies our mind. We are also looking into facts as we predict and classify what type of learner our child is.

As providers of Child Care in Bowie, MD, we have been facing with all types of preschool learners. After all, we face kids every single day. So, to finally figure out your child’s learner type, journey along with us as we enumerate the preschool learners we have come to love and enjoy learning with:

  • The loquacious learner

    Meeting this learner can be bittersweet. There are times you want this little one to just shut his/her mouth up. However, there are also times when you are proud of this talkative one’s curiosity and achievement in class.

    When this child grows up, there is no doubt that he/she will become a journalist, a speaker, or even an attorney!

    If your child is a loquacious learner in class, he/she is:

    • Good with using words
    • Prefers to express and use words in learning
    • Excellent in communicating
  • The energetic ball

    If the loquacious learner is already stressing you out, we would like you to hold your horses, take a deep breath and meet the energetic ball. This learner cannot seem to sit still and would prefer moving around. Of course, in extreme cases, the little one might be diagnosed with ADHD. But there are also few who naturally have full sets of batteries no matter what time of the day it is.

    You may be familiar with this learner because he/she is:

    • Able to handle objects well and with precision
    • In love with the idea of moving around to learn
    • Exhibiting good reflexes
    • Have a sense of timing

    Let us be proud of this little one because they have the possibility of being a dancer, athlete, diver, or even a soldier!

  • The math whiz

    Our Daycare in Maryland also has the chance to meet with children who eat numbers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    If you ever observed that your child is:

    • Good with numbers
    • Showing a strong sense of reasoning
    • Exhibiting logical thinking
    • Able to detect patterns
    • Capable of predicting outcomes

    There is a big possibility that he/she will someday become a scientist, an engineer, or an accountant.

The ones mentioned above are just some of the types of learners we come across here in One Step Up Early Child Care LLC. Visit our website at www.onestepupearlychildcare.com to read more blogs that will help you know your child more.

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