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Types of Preschool Learners (Part 2)

Types of Preschool Learners (Part 2)

Since you want to learn more about the different types of learners, we have decided to create a second part of this blog. So sit tight, relax, and get ready to assess your child as we list down other types of preschool learners:

  • The nature lover

    The nature lover is exactly what you think it is. This is a child who loves to plant and work with nature. To determine if your kid is a nature lover, watch out for the following signs:

    • They are in tune with nature.
    • They love to study near the open window or outside.
    • They have lesser tendency of being lost.

    A child who exhibits such behavior and preference tend to become a gardener or farmer in the future.

  • The amiable candidate

    This child is extremely friendly to the point that you would think he/she is running for a position in the government. A friendly candidate is a child who:

    • Enjoys working and being with others’ company
    • Sensitive to the emotions of others
    • Communicate well with others (not to confuse with the loquacious learner)

    Once this candidate grows up and is up for the real world, he/she would probably pursue careers related to therapy, education, and the clergy.

  • The shy one

    Our Daycare in Maryland has been dealing with kids who are dubbed as “shy” in class. But is there a problem with being shy in the first place? The answer is no, unless, the shyness stops the little one from doing what he or she is ought to do.

    If your child shows the following characteristics:

    • More solitary than others
    • Being in touch with his or her own feelings
    • Introverted

    Your little one may become a psychologist, a philosopher, or even a writer.

  • The artist

    The artist is a child who:

    • Prefers learning with pictures
    • Appreciates or understand graphs, charts, etc.

    This individual often becomes an artist, a designer, a photographer, an inventor, or an architect.

  • The musically inclined

    Lastly, we have the musically inclined who:

    • Are sensitive to tone, music, rhythm, etc.
    • Loves to play musical instruments
    • Learns through lectures

    This learner becomes a musician, composer, and singer in the future.

Before you decide on what education your child deserves, you must look into the type of learner he/she is. By doing so, you can never go wrong on what Preschool in Lanham, MD you send your child into.

It is important to enrol your child to preschool before he/she steps to kindergarten. In preschool, your little one will not only be prepared for a higher and more formal education but will also give us clues to how he/she wants to learn and be taught.

One Step Up Early Child Care LLC cares about every learner’s equal needs to be educated. For inquiries about what we do, visit www.onestepupearlychildcare.com.

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